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Caribbean Commonwealth

Sometimes the simplest thing — a certain shape or color, a certain mood or feeling — can set the wheels of a creative mind spinning.

Kiersten Elizabeth was walking along Winding Bay in the Abaco Islands when she happened upon the shell of an Atlantic Coquina. It was nestled in fine pink sand and seemed to glow in soft tones of pink, orange and yellow.

The artist was taken by its simple gemlike beauty and she wanted to remember this beautiful place. Everything was bright and filled with light and joy.  

She conceived suites of gems in unexpected combinations that recall the colors of the Caribbean waters and tropical experience.

The Caribbean Commonwealth Collection was born.

And why not make fine jewelry reminiscent of ocean living? The azure and pastel sea makes us serene and happy and reminds us of what matters most in our lives.

Each one-of-a-kind piece is precious yet whimsical, valuable not only for the fine gems and natural treasures it contains but because of its significance.

These pieces symbolize fond memories.

They provide a way to preserve joy and peace forever.

They encapsulate tales of adventure and stories of quiet love.