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Celebration & Circumstance

Loving grandparents bestowed precious gems at significant moments in time, marking occasions like a 10th birthday with a precious ring, recognizing the significance of graduation with another precious reminder of that time. 

That first child in this story granted these precious gifts and memories was Kiersten Elizabeth’s mother. 

So taken by the unconditional love and excitement she felt in these moments, Kiersten Elizabeth’s mother and father wanted the same for her. 

This tradition would become one to pass along for generations to come.

As a young child, Kiersten Elizabeth was fascinated with a purplish-red garnet ring with two oval gems nested together that her mother had received when she was ten years old, she would touch it and think it looked like drops of jelly.  Kiersten Elizabeth understood, even then, that fine jewelry was about much more than its gems and gold, that it was imbued with meaning, that it became an object of personal significance that can represent our foundations.

When she was 10 she got her first piece of precious jewelry: a ring of celebration. And as she grew, Kiersten Elizabeth received another fine jewelry gift to commemorate rites of passage from birthdays to graduations.  All moments in time she remembers when she looks upon the jewelry that has come at some of the most important times in her life.

What made such jewelry precious was the love poured into it.

Just as her mother and father had done, Kiersten marks important milestones in the lives of her two daughters with her gifts, often simple in design but informed by affection and devotion.

Others, she knew, would want to do the same. They would want to start family traditions and find meaningful ways to represent their unconditional love for their children and grandchildren. They would want to foster an appreciation for beauty and the value of shared memories.

This is what heirlooms are about: family.

And all heirlooms have their beginnings.