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Chronology Collection

Throughout our lives we search for meaning. We mark extraordinary moments in our minds and hearts. Special occasions, and the feelings associated with them, are imprinted in our memories.

Humankind is characterized in part by its creativity, by its gift for storytelling, by its attraction to beauty, by its ability to derive meaning from all that surrounds it.

Kiersten Elizabeth makes beautiful objects in the form of fine jewelry meant to protect our memories, and convey our passions. Jewelry can tell a story and is meant to protect our memories.

Her Chronology Collection captures moments in time.
Its precious gems, set with loving care and the skill of a true artist,
are both treasure and treasury.

This is artistry meant for women who care deeply about the people they love, who appreciate the complexities of life and who strive to make the most of the time they have.

This is artistry meant for women who know that true beauty consists of far more than pleasing colors and designs, that it requires feeling and memory, too, that it is made possible by the heart, not only the eye.

This fine jewelry symbolizes ongoing love and commitment. It is a gift of the heart. It is revealed on special days each year, but enjoyed every day, forevermore.

Year Gemstones
1st Gold Pearl
2nd Garnet Rose Quartz
3rd Pearl Rock Crystal
4th Blue Topaz Amethyst
5th Sapphire Turquoise
6th Amethyst Garnet
7th Onyx Lapis Lazuli
8th Tourmaline Aventurine
9th Lapis Lazuli Tiger Eye
10th Diamond Onyx
11th Turquoise Hematite
12th Jade Agate, Pearl
13th Citrine Moonstone
14th Opal Moss Agate
15th Ruby Crystal, Quartz
16th Peridot Aquamarine
17th Quartz Amethyst, Citrine
18th Crysoberyl Opal
19th Aquamarine Topaz
20th Emerald Platinum
21st Iolite
22nd Spinel
23rd Imperial Topaz Sapphire
24th Tanzanite
25th Sterling Silver
30th Pearl Diamond, Jade
35th Emerald Coral, Jade
40th Ruby
45th Sapphire Alexandrite
50th Gold
55th Alexandrite Emerald
60th Diamond
65th Star Sapphire
70th Diamond

Kiersten Elizabeth’s Chronology Collection stops time.
Look at it. See its true beauty.
Imagine the stories it can tell.