Shield Maiden Necklace



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A Shield Maiden is a strong and revered woman. With 3 Modified Shield-shaped gemstones, this necklace has it’s own kind of noble and powerful presence. The color combination of Garnet, Smokey Quartz, and this Honey-colored Citrine are sublime together. The 40″ chain is its perfect compliment. An additional station can be used to secure the double chain style while holding them perfectly in place. It can also be worn alone as a flowing necklace.

Pendant Detail
Shield-shaped Garnet 1.88 Cts
Modified-shaped Smokey Topaz 7.68 Cts
Modified Trillion-shaped Citrine 7.78 Cts
Diamonds .22 Cts
Set in Platinum 950

Chain Detail
Round Garnets (20) Approximately 5.6 Cts
Round Citrine (21) Approximately 9.45 Cts
40″ 18K White Gold
Total Gem Weight Approximately 31.96 Cts

SKU: CCFG - 18